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Drive technology

Drive Technology - drives your machines and systems at peak performance

Drive technology refers to the understanding of a technical area, where a transmission of force or movement is produced by, for example, engines and electric motors to power up or to create complex motion sequences. A smooth interaction of different drive components is hereby essential.

Drive Technology - different systems

A distinction is made e.g. between the following drive systems:

  • Direct drive
  • Decentralised drive

If drive components such as gears or clutches are missing, it is called direct drives. The force is transmitted in this case directly to the system. An adequate pilot control with respect to speed, acceleration as well as torque is required in this case in order to ensure an accurate and effective system design. However drives are usually part of a complex system of machinery and driving elements or a drivetrain such as spindles or gears. This involves thereby decentralized drives.

Drive technology is of great importance in many industrial applications, for example in transportation and in the consumer goods area.


Drive technology at Automation24

At Automation24 in the field of Drive Technology, you will find Siemens Motor Starters and Soft, Reversing and Direct Starters, likewise Variable Speed Starters from Eaton, which bridge the gap between classic motor starters and variable frequency drives. Moreover,  Encoders from the manufacturer ifm, can be used to convert mechanical rotation to electrical signals and for control and evaluation of electrical impulses as well as Speed monitoring.

Obtain drive technology products, at an excellent value for the money at Automation24. Do not wait long and allow your machines and equipment a smooth start.